EMebKo provides products that assist in health and safety of the population, maintaining a view towards being environmentally minded, while building a stronger, healthier community.


We are adventurers, educators, safety officers, ecologists but most importantly we are family and passionate about safety. The safety of our family, our people and our planet. Our family extends to those with whom we live, work and play. EMebKo was founded by family with the intent to help our community stay safe and healthy. We are committed to doing the right thing and believe in transparency.  We are proud to offer products that we use ourselves at work, at play and in our homes. This is what differentiates us from the competition.


EMebKo is committed to providing products and solutions that will help solve some of the most pressing problems regarding health, safety and the environment. We aim to make decisions and offer products that have the least impact on our environment. From toxic fume removal to providing a safe, clean drinking water solution in Africa, we strive to find solutions that will be effective for our clients.

We are Family